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At Rakoty Pharmacy in Peakhurst, Australia, we strive to fill the general prescriptions as quickly as possible to make it convenient for all of our customers. We have a licensed pharmacist on staff who is available to answer any questions.

We provide medication for a variety of ailments, including :

diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, insomnia, quitting smoking, constipation and many, many more. We also offer vitamins and minerals, sports supplements, weight control, natural herbs and medication for children’s health, and we offer a full line of pet health products.

We are happy to price match. 

We also have daily baby clinics. 

We also offer :

  • Loyalty programs for our valued customers and special deals every month.
  • REWARD PROGRAM when you stamp the loyalty card for ten different transactions. Then you can enjoy 10 $ free Shop Items.
  • We host monthly health awareness events at Rakoty Pharmacy promoting dietitians and wellness experts.
  • 10% SHOP ITEMS Discounts for the seniors

In addition, we have a colour copier and fax machine available for customers to make professional looking copies or send a fax as needed.

We offer gift collections such as:

  • Wide coolection of : candles, frames, vases, flowers and more! 

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